Changes in American-LaFrance Personnel

Issue 18 and Volume 84.

Changes in American-LaFrance Personnel The American-LaFrance and Foamite Corporation, Elmira, N. Y., announces the resignation of A. O. Boniface, Assistant to the Vice-President and C. P. Smith, Manager of Industrial Fire Equipment Sales. N. F. Kimball, who was formerly Advertising Manager, has been appointed as assistant to F. R. Van Rensselaer, Vice-President in charge of Sales. E. E. O’Neill, formerly Cleveland District Manager, has been placed in charge of Industrial Sales. He will be succeeded at Cleveland by J. O. Binford. East Orange May Have New Headquarters—An ordinance has been approved in East Orange, N. J., for the erection of new fire headquarters on the site of the present building and on adjoining land owned bv the city. The ordinance carries an appropriation of SI60,000 for the work. Chief Charles A. McGinly hoped that the construction would be started in September.

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