The Volunteer Fire Department

Issue 18 and Volume 84.

The Volunteer Fire Department A Series of Articles on Volunteer Fire Department Administration and Operation. This article, the eighth of a series, deals with the need for order and system when the Volunteer Fire Department is fighting a fire and the importance of each man knowing his duties. The avoidance of damage is emphasized, including the use of small streams and fire extinguishers on incipient fires. If you are enjoying this series, or know some way in which it may be improved, won’t you please write this department? VOLUNTEER firemen are an ambitious group organized to perform some civic duty—either to fight fires or to make the community a better place in which to live. In their anxiety to fight fires with the least possible exertion, they forget that organized effort brings forth the greatest results. For this disorganization, they are often ridiculed by the sidewalk chiefs. Only one who…

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