Issue 18 and Volume 84.

CORRESPONDENCE Solidified Gasoline To the Editor: There appeared in the August 5 issue of FIRE ENGINEERING, on page 579, in “Questions and Answers,” a question under the caption of “Fire Proofing Gasoline,” and the reply to it. This applied especially to the use of gasoline as fuel for motor boats. You may be interested to know that there has been a company recently formed in this city which has passed through the experimental stages of solidifying gasoline especially for airplane and motor boat use. The process of solidifying is done through the addition of various chemicals to the gasoline, while it is being boiled, then drawing off the foreign substances, which leaves a liquid, which, on becoming cold, will become solid and may be transported, similar to a cake of ice. However, this solid lump will not melt, neither will it explode. It becomes a slow-burning material, not easily lighted,…

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