Issue 19 and Volume 84.

FALSE ALARMS GEE WHIZ! “I don’t see why the Fire Chief got so sore that we announced he was going to retire from the Department,” said the City Editor to a member of his staff. “Oh the article was all right,” was the answer, “but some fool down in the make-up room put the story under the heading of ‘Public Improvements.’” And you never see wooden Indians in front of cigar stores any more. They’re all in railroad information bureaus now. QUICK RESULTS Tbe boys were discussing the methods to follow for winning the favor of the “lady fair.” As a means of summarizing his argument, one said: “Just remember that old nursery rhyme: Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker.” There’s one good thing about customs inspectors; they slap too low to affect your sunburn. IMPOSSIBLE Smoke had been discovered in the country hostelry. The owner went down the…

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