Believe It or Not—It’s So!

Issue 22 and Volume 84.

Believe It or Not—It’s So! An enterprising restaurant in Havana, printed a program of the I. A. F. C. convention for the convenience of the Chiefs A number of amusing transpositions were made. According to the illuminating document, the following papers were presented. If you can recognize all the authors and the papers, rate yourself above the average in intelligence. Production of Incendiarism, by J. C. Moran, Chief of the Fire Department of Hartford, Conn. Our prograe of education, by Ralph J. Scott, Cheef of the Fire Department of Los Angeles. California, and President of the Education of the Association International of Chiefs of Departments of Fire Houses and Frank Cushman, Chief of Education Services and Industrial, Federal of Education of Washington. D. C. It is a success, the Firemens Academy? by Wm. R. Anderson, Chief of the Fire Department of the Ft. Meyers, Fla. Actual preventions, against tires, by…

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