Chief Charles W. Ringer to Resign

Issue 22 and Volume 84.

Chief Charles W. Ringer to Resign Chief Charles W. Ringer of the Minneapolis Fire Department, a member of the department for forty-eight years, will resign from the service. Although he had been contemplating such a step for some time, it was not until the City Council voted for the retirement of permanent pay roll employees who shall have reached the age of sixty-seven by February 1, 1932, that he made the public announcement of his retirement. He wants to retire on January 1, his seventy-first birthday. Chief Ringer has been head of the department for twentyone years. He is a member of the International Association of Fire Chiefs and was elected its President in 1922. Chief Ringer, after he has retired from the service, plans to enter private business iti the promotion of fire fighting appliances of which he is the designer. He is well known for his smoke ejector…

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