Issue 25 and Volume 84.

FALSE ALARMS —Drawing by “Art Espey Another way to break in your new shoes is to ride in the subway with them. GOOD TALENT For years she has been practicing singing, and was encouraged by her friends. She came to a big metropolis for greater opportunities. An audition was arranged with one of the better known concert singers. “Do you think I will ever be able to do anything with my voice?” she asked after her test. “It might come in handy in case of a fire,” he answered. The moth surely has a tough time. In the summer he lives in an overcoat and in the winter he lives in a bathing suit. TRAILER DAMAGE For sake of company, the boys at Station 6 adopted a huge, gawky dog of unknown breed that happened to sneak into the house. The boys would play with him in order to help…

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