Fighting Chemical Fires

Issue 1 and Volume 85.

Fighting Chemical Fires Municipal Engineer This is the third installment of a series of articles on this subject. Fire Engineering is indebted to the Official Publication of the Iowa State College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts for the information of this series, which originally appeared in their Bulletin No. 9, engineering Extension Service. FROM the standpoint of the chemicals involved warehouses present few special hazards. The exceptions are wholesale drug warehouses and chemical plants which have been previously discussed. In general almost any material or chemical may be found in a warehouse in large quantities which is carried in retail stores in smaller quantities. However insurance regulations are rapidly eliminating the unrestricted storage of hazardous materials in warehouses. Special vaults and underground storage are required for particularly dangerous or explosive materials. Wholesale grocery warehouses may contain a few items which are somewhat of a chemical hazard, such as quantities of…

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