Issue 1 and Volume 85.

WHAT’S BURNING THE following list includes fires of $25,000 loss and over in the United States and Canada, for the periods designating in the headings. These figures, compiled from telegraphic reports are based on estimates made at the time, and are subject to later investigation and consequent revision. Taken as a whole, however, they give an approximately correct view of the losses incurred. The figures represent loss in thousands of dollars. In the November 25, 1931 issue of Fire Eengineering, under “Whats Burning,” appeared two items which were incorrectly reported. The Wolf Bakery and adjoining property loss at San Antonio, Tex., reported as $35,000, was but $6,016. The second, also listed under San Antonio, contained the loss sustained by the plant of the San Antonio Boot Company. As this latter property is two miles beyond the city limits, this loss cannot be credited to San Antonio. Under Rochester, Minn., in…

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