Issue 1 and Volume 85.

FALSE ALARMS —Courtesy, Judge SELF PRAISE Even though the city treasury was not very full, the city officials succeeded in financing improvements to the Fire Department. For that reason the Fire Commissioner was asked to speak at a nearby village meeting. A late arrival to the meeting, asked an old negro in the corridor what was going on. “Man making a speech,” answered the negro. “Who is he?” “I don’ rightly know, suh, but he sure does recommend hisself very highly.” The combination that dissolves gold the quickest is a boy and a girl engaged. QUICKLY REVIVED A motorist was being sharply reprimanded for failure to obey emergency signals caused by the approach of fire apparatus. “Why didn’t you stop when I whistled?” the traffic cop asked the motorist. “I’m sorry, sir. I didn’t hear you.” “Well, you’ll get your hearing in the morning,” answered the cop. The secret of…

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