Chief “Bill” Ziegler Cleared of Charges

Issue 3 and Volume 85.

Chief “Bill” Ziegler Cleared of Charges Chief William Ziegler of Hackensack, N. J., well known at conventions, and without whom no meeting of the New Jersey Association of Fire Chiefs is considered complete, was suspended from office pending outcome of charges resulting from complaints filed by a police captain, spectators, and Chiefs of neighboring volunteer departments, following a paper warehouse fire. The charges were, however, considered unfounded by Hackensack officials and the Chief was exonerated, and reinstated. During this fire, Chief Ziegler noticed that a wooden pole carrying high tension wires was ablaze. He ordered a stream played on the pole. It is reported that linemen of the Public Service Commission, upon hearing the order, attempted to stop the men from directing their streams on the high tension wires. Some one sought the Police Captain. The police officer ordered the men to cease their work and Chief Ziegler rebuked him.…

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