A Fire Hose Laundry

Issue 3 and Volume 85.

A Fire Hose Laundry Fire departments in the United States, according to customary practice, wash all hose that has been used at a fire, and then the various lengths are placed on racks or a hose drying tower to dry thoroughly. The hose is washed to remove any dirt that may have accumulated on the outer jacket. English departments solve the problem in an entirely different manner. A machine is in use that washes the hose, scrubs the lengths and then wrings it to remove the superfluous water. In Melbourne, Australia, they have a power driven laundry unit. A hand type apparatus is manufactured by a company in Manchester, England, for dry cleaning the hose. The hose is passed through two round brushes so that both sides of the hose are cleaned by one operation. After passing through the brushes, the hose is rolled up into a compact bundle. The…

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