Preventing Fires on Motor Boats

Issue 6 and Volume 85.

Preventing Fires on Motor Boats An illustrated sheet has been prepared by the National Fire Protection Association to show how fires may be prevented on motor boats by observing some simple rules concerning the installation of the gasoline tank and fill pipe, and the screened vent. According to this information, the best type installation has the fill pipes firmly attached to a tight deck plate. The fill pipe extends to the bottom of the tank with a well to form a liquid seal. Vent pipe opens to the air, away from hull openings, hatches, doors, windows and ports. Frank Langdon, Chief of Joliet. 111., from 1907 until his retirement in 1913, died in a hospital after a long illness. The Philadelphia Fire Department celebrated its sixty-first anniversary. It was organized March 15, 1871. Purchase of fire apparatus is being considered by Kendallville, Tnd., following a recent fire. Deputy Chief John…

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