Chief Joe Wood of Renton, Wash., Dead

Issue 6 and Volume 85.

Chief Joe Wood of Renton, Wash., Dead Joe Wood, Fire Chief and police judge of Renton, Wash., died at his home, Saturday, May 14, following a siege of pneumonia. A year ago he was seriously ill but recently was well on the road to recovery. However he was not content to sit idly by and gradually worked his way back to his old post. He went to a Fire Chiefs’ gathering at Fnumolaw and there made a rousing speech. Apparently the strain was too much for him for when lie was stricken with pneumonia, there was little hope of prolonging his life. He was horn in England in 1868 and he came to Renton. forty-five years ago. He was president of the Pacific Coast Association of Fire Chiefs from 1915-6 and was Treasurer of the association since 1918. Renton has given him all the honors possible— Ex-Mayor, Justice of the…

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