Fire School Develops Course of Study

Issue 6 and Volume 85.

Fire School Develops Course of Study A course of study has been prepared for the Oklahoma Firemen’s Training School on “The essentials of Firemanship,” consisting of three features. These features are described in a circular issued by J. E. Taplin, Blackwell, Okla., Director of the School, as, 1—Volume 1, the first of ten to be issued. This volume contains 192 pages, with 200 illustrations, devoted to the study of manual equipment. 2— Lesson Outline, containing suggestions, experiments and questions for the guidance of instructors of Fire Departments participating in the Training School. 3—Bulletin Service. Owing to curtailment of municipal and state expenses, funds are lacking for the publication of further volumes, as planned, and the substitution of a Monthly Bulletin Service has been made. These bulletins consist of about 25 pages (legal size), mimeographed and are printed in suffiicient numbers to supply all the men enrolled. The material in these…

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