Issue 6 and Volume 85.

CORRESPONDENCE History of Fire Fighting To the Editor: During the past many years I have compiled an outline history of the fire service of the world, especially of the United States. It contains the story of the organization and principal service of every kind of apparatus from buckets to motors, with some interesting details of each. It includes the organization of Fire Departments, their methods of management at different periods, alarm telegraph systems, fire boats, salvage corps, paid and volunteer departments, firemen’s drill schools and colleges, hose, two-platoon systems. sliding poles, veterans’ associations, musters, a list of the largest conflagrations with the date and loss of each, firemen s strikes and results, list of firemen’s periodicals since the first in 182o, apparatus builders, old time firemen, and many things of less importance connected with the fire service since 1568. It is the only historx of every important thing of the…

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