Issue 6 and Volume 85.

FALSE ALARMS ALWAYS THE TRUTH During the week that the fire school was held at the state university, a circus exhibited on Saturday in the next town. The program was somewhat rearranged so that the men could attend, and in fact, some of the faculty. In the big tent, one of the students found himself seated next to an instructor in psychology. An animal trainer entered a cage of lions. “Do you know, Mr. McIntyre,” said the instructor, “You could be a lion trainer just as easy as that fellow. All you need to do is to walk right in there with your mind made up that you’re going to tame that lion. Look him right in the eye and he’d back away and do anything you say.” “No, sir, not me—I couldn’t do that at all.” “Sure you could. Screw up your courage, act as if you were unafraid…

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