Hose Bridges Prove Valuable at Fire

Issue 6 and Volume 85.

Hose Bridges Prove Valuable at Fire At a fire which broke out in the Bonnie Brae School for Boys in Millingford, N. J., a number of towns responded to the call for assistance. Chief E. Steinkopf, of Bernardsville, N. J., responded and he said, some time later: “We were one of the several towns that responded to their call for help and the only Are company equipped with hose bridges. There was but one hydrant available and this on the opposite side of the road, the main one in that section. Two lines of hose were laid from a pumper at this hydrant. Our bridges were soon placed and traffic was maintained with practically no delay. Had it not been for these bridges, there would have been a block of traffic and a detour of several miles.” The Day metal hose bridges were used at a lumber yard fire in…

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