Aluminum Tags for Hose Lines

Issue 6 and Volume 85.

Aluminum Tags for Hose Lines According to a recently issued general order of the New York Fire Department, aluminum hose tags are to be continued to be used on high pressure lines. The first hose line stretched by a company shall be marked with Tag No. 1 and in case a second line is stretched by the same company, Tag No. 2 shall be used. Additional lines are to be marked with consecutive numbers. Duplicates of all tags attached to hydrants or engine shall be placed on the discharge end of the hose line, near the nozzle. The first company arriving and connecting to a hydrant, must leave an engineer or fireman in charge to operate the hydrant, starting or shutting off the flow of water as ordered. One man is to perform this duty on all first and second alarm assignments making connections to the hydrants. In case ot…

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