A Gasoline That Will Not Burn

Issue 7 and Volume 85.

A Gasoline That Will Not Burn A new gasoline has been developed in Germany, for internal combustion engines, that will not explode or burn when the vapors are carelessly exposed to flames or sparks. One may put out matches by immersing them in the fluid or hold the lighted match over the vapor without any harmful result. In this new process of petroleum refining, the heavy residues are treated with hydrogen at high temperature and pressure. Under the influence of special stimulating chemicals which the chemist calls catalysts, the hydrogen combines with the heavy, tarry petroleum wastes to produce clear, mobile fluids highly suitable for motor fuels. The new gasoline is ten per cent more powerful than the present aviation gasoline. The new non-inflammable gasoline appears to find its greatest application in the field of aviation where a highly explosive fuel is now being used, and where many lives have…

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