Are You Listenin’?

Issue 7 and Volume 85.

Are You Listenin’? “The flying rumors gathered as they rolled, and all who repeated added something new, and all who heard made enlargements, too: in every ear they spread, on every tongue they grew.”—Pope. ALMOST everybody in the fire field is hearing rumors of one kind or another those days about the financial difficulties of some of the fire equipment manufacturers. To take any of this talk seriously, one would almost be lead to believe that fire departments may soon be left high and dry with no place to buy the needed tools of fhe trade. Of course, where there’s smoke there may be some fire, but we all know, too, that the smallest fire often generates the largest volume of smoke. It seems more than likely that a lot of general alarms are being turned in where only hand extinguishers are really needed. Advertising in FIRE ENGINEERING is an…

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