Rain Extinguishes 48-Hour Forest Fire

Issue 8 and Volume 85.

Rain Extinguishes 48-Hour Forest Fire A providential rain that fell over the lower section of Connecticut on July 22 extinguished what was developing to be one of the most raging forest fires in the history of that state when Southington Mountain, a few miles east of Waterbury, Conn., was on fire for 48 hours. Hundreds of acres of valuable timber were destroyed. Fire-fighters attached to the State Forest Department, and also the local firemen, worked valiantly to extinguish the blaze but it was miles from the nearest water source, and a road had to be cut through the woods to enable trucks carrying water to approach the scene of the fire. The start of this fire was blamed upon a cigarette butt tossed from a passenger airplane passing over Southington Mountain. How the forest rangers knew this to be the cause is hard to determine. Probably it is just theory.…

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