The Fire Service Instructor

Issue 8 and Volume 85.

The Fire Service Instructor The second installment of a treatise to aid those responsible for training men in the fire service to develop a systematic type of teaching. and Chapter II The Instruction Process Common Kinds of Teaching AS has been stated before, vocational education is concerned in “learning by doing.” In keeping with this philosophy, we are to learn to teach by teaching, first, one of the more simple jobs in the fire service, let us say, “The Construction, Use and Importance of the Fire Helmet.” The average fire Captain spends very little time in instructing his subordinates, more especially the new men, in “The Construction, Use and Importance of the Fire Helmet.” Usually, the job is considered completed when taught in somewhat the following manner: “Now, Bill, you’re going to have use for this helmet. Wear it at all times. It’s a good thing to keep where you…

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