Frank DeVoto Appointed Chief of St. Louis

Issue 8 and Volume 85.

Frank DeVoto Appointed Chief of St. Louis Following the vacancy caused by the death of Chief Charles Ault, of the St. Louis, Mo., Fire Department, who passed away on June 30, Deputy Chief Frank DeVoto has been appointed at the head of the fire-fighting forces of that city. Chief DeVoto was appointed to the St. Louis Fire Department on December 1, 1903, at the age of 27 years, and was assigned to Hook and Ladder Company No. 6. His first promotion came to him on December 10, 1908, when he was advanced to Lieutenant of Engine Company No. 39 and later to Engine Company No. 6. On October 9, 1912, he was promoted from Lieutenant to Captain and was assigned to Engine Company No. 39. He also served as Captain of Engine Company No. 10. All of these assignments were in the down town or high value district of the…

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