Floodlights in Fighting Fires

Issue 9 and Volume 85.

Floodlights in Fighting Fires Practical Uses and Advantages of How one city obtains all of the light it requires for fire fighting, in case of the shutting off of the electric current from a burning building and the consequent extinguishment of the lighting system IN fighting fires, it is frequently necessary as a precautionary measure, to cut off the electrical current supplying surrounding buildings. This procedure, however, shuts off the current supply for lighting in the burning structure, thus increasing the risk and danger to life by hampering the work of firemen. To correct this condition, the Fire Department of Beaumont, Tex, employs a special floodlighting truck, equipped to produce a total of 15,000 watts in powerful, piercing light beams. With this truck, Beaumont firemen have all the light they need for fighting fires, particularly at night. Searchlights of 1,500 and 2,500-watt size are mounted on top of the truck…

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