Improvements in Dallas Fire Department

Issue 9 and Volume 85.

Improvements in Dallas Fire Department Many changes have been made in the Fire Department of Dallas, I exas, by Chief R. D. Gambrell, in order to promote its efficiency. Civil Service rule has been established in all departments under which the personnel of the Fire Department has been reorganized. The positions of twenty-six Captains have been abolished and instead twenty-six Lieutenants have been appointed so as to eliminate confusion of authority and to help place responsibilities in each company. There is a Captain on each shift at all stations. Double company houses have a Lieutenant working with the Captain. The Fire Prevention Bureau was reorganized and an efficient arson bureau established with offices in the headquarters station. An assistant district attorney works full time with the arson bureau. The Police and Fire Signal Department has also been placed under supervision of the Fire Department Chief. A drill tower was erected…

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