Department and Other Reports Reecived

Issue 9 and Volume 85.

Department and Other Reports Reecived Singapore, Malay States—Report of the Fire Department of Singapore, Malay States; six pages and cover. Maryland State Firemen’s Association—Proceedings of the Thirty-ninth Annual Convention of the Maryland State Firemen’s Association held in Ocean City, Md. Illinois Firemen’s Association—Proceedings of the fortyfourth annual convention of the Illinois Firemen’s Association held in Murphysboro, I11.; illustrated, 222 pages and cover. North Dakota Firemen’s Association—Proceedings of the forty-seventh annual convention of the North Dakota Firemen’s Association, Fargo, N. D.; illustrated, sixty pages and cover. Belmont, Mass.—Ninth annual report of the Belmont, Mass., Fire Department; ten pages. U. S. Department of Labor—Safety Codes for the Prevention of Dust Explosions sponsored by the National Fire Protection Association and the U. S. Department of Agriculture: illustrated, eighty-seven pages and cover. Arizona State Firemen’s Association—Proceedings of the eighth annual convention of the Arizona State Firemen’s Association held at Flagstaff. Aria.; illustrated, 100 pages…

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