Issue 9 and Volume 85.

FIRE DEPARTMENT ACTIVITIES Menlo Park, Cal., has started a campaign to reduce the fire hazards in the city. A fire alarm system is now being completed for Lynbrook, N. Y. Specifications, were prepared by Charles A. Whitney, Freeport. A Fire Department has been formed at Stone Bridge, R. I. This action followed a disastrous fire several months ago. Oliver L. Durfee was elected Chief. The Council of Bloomington, I11., in considering means to reduce the city’s expenditures, is contemplating the reduction of the fire force as an alternative to wage cuts. A paid Fire Department is to be started for the towns of Clark and Northfork, W. Va. One department is to serve both towns. J. Robert Anderson has been appointed Chief. Rocky Hill, N. J., has placed in service a new Hale pumper. Two hundred persons attended the exercises arranged for formally placing the apparatus in service. Thirteen lives…

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