Issue 10 and Volume 85.

CONVENTION DATES Oct. 18-19—RAILWAY FIRE PROTECTION ASSOCIATION. 19th Annual Convention, Cleveland, Ohio. Secretary-Treasurer, R. R. Hackett, 601 Baltimore & Ohio Bldg., Baltimore, Md. Oct. 18-20—NEBRASKA STATE VOLUNTEER FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION. 50th Annual Convention, Falls City, Neb. Secretary-Treasurer, Fred. W. Muller, Norfolk, Neb. Oct. 18-21-INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF FIRE CHIEFS. 60th Annual Convention, San Diego, Cal. Convention Headquarters, U. S. Grant Hotel; Meeting and Exhibits, San Diego Municipal Pier. Secretary-Treasurer, Ex-Chief James J. Mulcahcy, 16 Franklin Avenue, Yonkers, N. Y.; Executive Secretary, Jay W. Stevens, 1014 Merchants’ Exchange Bldg., San Francisco, Cal.; Chairman, Exhibit Committee, Chief W. S. Minter, Long Beach, Cal. Oct. 18-21—MISSOURI VALLEY ASSOCIATION OF FIRE CHIEFS. Annual Convention during Convention of International Association of Fire Chiefs, San Diego, Cal. Secretary-Treasurer, Chief Ray Tiller, Waterloo, Ia. Oct. 10-12—SOUTH WESTERN ASSOCIATION OF FIRE CHIEFS. 5th Annual Convention to be held at Houston, Tex. Secretary-Treasurer, J. F. Taplin, Blackwell, Okla. Nov. 17—NEW JERSEY…

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