New Pier Protection Device Tested

Issue 10 and Volume 85.

New Pier Protection Device Tested Many prominent Fire Department and fire insurance officials witnessed a test of the Conran Monorail Nozzle at the Battery, New York City, which was designed to combat such fires as destroyed the Cunard Pier in New York while the Fire Department was powerless to fight the under-pier blaze. The Conran device was shown on a minature scale on the dock. A typical, but modified size of a cross section of a pier was built on the wharf adjoining the fireboat “John J. Harvey.” On an I-beam, was suspended a trolley arrangement on spools which ran along the flanges of the I-beam. This trolley carried twenty-five outlets for the water spray. The trolley was connected to a hose line which was also used to advance the distributor under the pier or to draw it back. The I-beam is designed to be a permanent part of the…

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