Issue 10 and Volume 85.

THE ROUND TABLE For Practical Discussion of Current Fire Department and Fire Management Problems THE VALUE OR RISK OF FIRE DEPARTMENT PARADES OFF in the distance can be heard the faint staccato beats of the drum. Instantly a score of children become restless, crane their necks, and await the first visible signs of the parade. And the collection of nondescript dogs, dash in and out through the crowded streets trying to find out what it is all about. At last they come. In spotless suits, the Fire Commissioners come marching down the crowd-bordered highway. They how to friends that they can recognize in the sea of faces. The Chief and his assistants, young enough to still feel the thrill of parades, smile in a benedictory manner. Then comes the band with its rows of uniformed musicians, and a side escort of the loose-footed urchins of the town. An endless, so…

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