With the Editor

Issue 10 and Volume 85.

With the Editor Telling the Public Public criticism was directed at the Chicago Fire Department recently for using siamesed hose lines in fighting large fires. The critics contended that there is delay resulting from siamesing a line, during which fire has chance to spread. Commissioner Daniel J. Carmody lost no time in defending the practice. In a statement in the leading Chicago daily, and which was given a display head, Commissioner Carmody said: “At large or spreading fires, the engines are usually at some distance from the flames. A single line of 2 1/2-inch hose stretched 1,200 feet from the engine will have 45 pounds pressure at its 1 1/4-inch nozzle under 319 pounds engine pressure, which approximates a maximum delivery of 309 gallons per minute. This stream would be effective a distance of 66 feet horizontally and 70 feet vertically. It would be practically useless at a large or…

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