Issue 11 and Volume 85.

THE ROUND TABLE For Practical Discussion of Current Fire Department and Fire Management Problems THE THREE-PLATOON SYSTEM FIREMEN, as a class, have not been as fortunate as other city employees. Their hours of employment are considerably longer than is expected of other branches of municipal service. Several years ago, firemen began to talk of the merits of an eight-hour day or the three-platoon system, so that like other men, they could enjoy the comforts of their home and the companionship of wife and children. In New York City an organized attempt was made to secure the necessary legislation. Talks were given over radio stations, advertising matter was distributed, and meetings were held. But the plan never came up for legislative vote. The three-platoon plan would require an extra shift of men and a corresponding increase in the department payroll. At present when so much money is being spent for local…

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