Brookline, Mass., Has Smoke Ejector

Issue 11 and Volume 85.

Brookline, Mass., Has Smoke Ejector A device for extracting smoke from a building, has been developed for Chief Selden R. Allen, of Brookline, Mass., by the B. F. Sturtevant Company, of Hyde Park, Boston, and will be sold exclusively by the McKenzie Appliance Company, of Brookline, Mass. It consists of a water motor designed to operate on eightyfive pounds water pressure, connected to a fan. The ejector has also operated satisfactorily at thirty pounds pressure. The unit has two handles welded onto the frame, so that it may be picked up and moved to the proper position by two men. A nine-inch reinforced rubber hose is connected to the inlet of the fan and the other end of the hose is thrust through a convenient window, into the burning building. A hose line is laid from any convenient hydrant to the water motor. After the water has passed through the…

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