New Fuel Wagon Placed in Service

Issue 12 and Volume 85.

New Fuel Wagon Placed in Service A new fuel truck, similar to the kind used at naval aviation fields, is now in service of the Boston, Mass., Fire Department. It is a two and a half ton truck mounted on a Sterling chassis and equipped with a 500-gallon oval tank for gasoline and a 75-gallon tank for lubricating oil. The truck is 21 feet long, eight feet high, and seven feet wide. The equipment includes a power driven gasoline pump used for supplying gasoline to apparatus at fires through 25 feet of hose carried on a reel in the rear of the truck and controlled with a self-closing nozzle. This gasoline pump can also he used as a gasoline suction pump for filling the fuel wagon or for use in pumping out supply tanks located in fire houses. The truck is fitted with an air compressor and air supply tank…

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