Issue 12 and Volume 85.

FALSE ALARMS STOLEN CAR A quiet town was aroused during the night by the wails of the fire siren. By various means of transportation members of the department rushed to the fire station or to the fire. It was a difficult blaze to fight. Early in the morning one of the firemen, with a reputation of absent-mindedness, returned to his home and drove up in his car to the garage in the rear. He was surprised to see that his garage was open and his car was out. So he backed out of the driveway, drove rapidly to the police station and reported the theft of his car. The man who caught the skunk became highly incensed. EXPECTED TOO MUCH Flannigan was one type who was conscientious but whose reasoning mechanism did not function at par. When he was taught to lay hose, to force open a door or other…

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