A New Form of Rotary Displacement Pump

Issue 12 and Volume 85.

A New Form of Rotary Displacement Pump Many radically new features are embodied in a new type of rotary displacement pump suitable for fire apparatus, developed by the De Laval Steam Turbine Company, Trenton, N. J. Power is applied to a central rotor which meshes with one or more sealing rotors of such form that they are propelled largely by fluid pressure with a minimum of mechanical contact. The threads of the power rotor are convex while those of the idler rotors are concave. There are only three moving parts, and except for small thrust buttons to maintain the relative axial position? of the rotors, no separate hearings are used, nor are pilot gears required. Wear between the teeth at the point of contact dos not affect the operation of the pump. When it occurs on the outside diameter of the rotors it merely increases the clearance between the rotor…

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