Hazards of Fumigants

Issue 1 and Volume 86.

Hazards of Fumigants In this article, fire-fighters, and more so members of rescue companies, will find a vast amount of authoritative and valuable information. HYDROCYANIC acid is one of the most rapidly fatal poisons known to man. Because of this fact its use as a fumigant is attended by grave hazards to human life. These hazards may be guarded against, but their elimination requires the most meticulous care as well as a wide and thorough knowledge of behavior of the gas. Handled by experts it is reasonably safe, but in the hands of the ignorant, reckless, or careless, it is a frequent cause of fatal accidents, as may be verified in the files of our daily newspapers. Hydrocyanic acid gas is our nearest approach to the ideal fumigant. Confined in inclosed spaces, quite small amounts destroy all animal life therein; but when liberated in the open air its dissipation is…

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