Chief Fuller of Brawley, Cal., Resigns

Issue 1 and Volume 86.

Chief Fuller of Brawley, Cal., Resigns W. A. Fuller, Chief of the Brawley, Cal., Fire Department, resigned rather than throw some of his men out of work, when it became apparent that there would be another cut in wages and personnel. Chief Fuller is a retired Battalion Chief of Pasadena and besides his pension has other sources of income. All members of the Brawley Fire Department are dependent upon their present employment for support of themselves and their families. Chief Fuller came to Brawley in June 1, 1931, to strengthen a weak department and to develop it into an efficient firefighting organization. The Mayor said that they were well pleased with the work and results obtained by Chief Fuller. Assistant Chief H. L. Stewart will be advanced to Chief but at no increase in salary.

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