Issue 1 and Volume 86.

FALSE ALARMS Courtesy, New York American STRICTLY BUSINESS A boy of the neighborhood formed a habit of playing in front of the fire station and eagerly listening to the conversation of the men who were quartered there. He tried to imitate their every way. His mother was quite shocked to learn that he had formed the habit of using the word “darn” frequently. “Dear,” she said to the boy, “here is a dime. It is yours if you will promise not to say ‘darn’ again.” “All right, mother,” he said as he took the money. “I promise.” As he fingered the coin a hopeful look came into his eyes and he said : “Say, mother, I know a word that’s worth a dollar.” “Who nex’?” shouted the Italian barber, and not a woman among them stirred. VALUELESS “Just like a man,” she shouted. “The only thing you could think of…

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