Hazards of Fumigants

Issue 2 and Volume 86.

Hazards of Fumigants Concluding installment of paper, from last issue, in which fire-fighters, and more so members of rescue companies, will find a vast amount of authoritative and valuable information. GAS masks used in cyanide gases must fit closely to the face. This is essential in the presence of a substance that is poisonous in such small amounts. Leaks in the face piece or around the edges cannot be permitted. Most gas masks are made in different sizes, commonly three sizes, so that it is usually necessary for each individual to learn which size fits his face. The No. 2 size fits the average face. The life of the canister is limited. Those designed for the cyanides will generally protect against the amounts used in fumigation for from one to four hours of steady breathing. When the canister is becoming ineffective, breathing through it becomes much more difficult. After a…

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