The Fire Service Instructor

Issue 3 and Volume 86.

The Fire Service Instructor The ninth installment of a treatise to aid those responsible for train ing men in the fire service to develop a systematic type of teaching. Chapter VI. (Continued) Helps in Teaching I. Principles of Learning 3. The Law of Effect: Successful accomplishment is one of the finest devices imaginable for encouragement. Unless one feels a satisfaction from completing a task, there is little real learning in it. As we progress in our golf game, it gives us added zeal to go out and make a record, while a poor score gives just the opposite effect. This is called the LAW OF EFFECT, and without it there would be little improvement obtained for any of us. Use it—it’s a good teaching aid. II. Use of Teaching Devices: The Blackboard: An instructor must use every device possible to gain the attention of the learner. The blackboard presents one…

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