Issue 3 and Volume 86.

FALSE ALARMS YUMPING YIMINY Olsen came to town as a company delegate. He tired of the dry excitement-free meetings and he planned to do a little cavorting by himself in the evening. He asked in the restaurant: “Got any squirrel whisky?” “No,” said the man somewhat puzzled, “but I can slip you a little Old Crow.” “Ay don’t want to fly,” said Olsen, “aye just vant to yump around a little.” Even more than it needs a good five-cent cigar, this country needs a good nickel girl who has pity on her boy-friend’s pocketbook and finds happiness in simple pleasures. To this statement by Dorothy Dix, one publication comments, “Ah, these simple pleasures.” CURE WORKED As a result of the blaze in the chemical warehouse, he developed slight lung trouble. The doctor prescribed for him and told him to come back within a week. He came. “Did you take my…

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