Issue 4 and Volume 86.

THE FIRE SERVICE INSTRUCTOR The Tenth Installment of a Treatise to Aid Those Responsible for Training Men in the Fire Service to Develop a Systematic Type of Teaching Chapter IV (Continued)—Helps in Teaching Changing the Name of a Fraction Reducing a Fraction: When we change the terms without the numbers. For example, 3 is a common factor of 12, 15 and 39. 1/2 = 2/4 = 4/8 = 8/16 = 16/32 This is called reducing a fraction to higher terms, while the following is called reducing a fraction to lowest terms: 88/96 = 44/48 = 22/24 = 11/12 We see that 11/12 cannot be reduced any lower because we cannot divide the numerator of 11. Factors: The numbers which multiplied together make another number are called the factors of that number, for examples : 2x2x2x11 = 88. These were the factors used in reducing 88/96 to 11/12. Prime Number: A…

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