Issue 4 and Volume 86.

FALSE ALARMS DECISION MADE The clerk of the haberdashery store ask the customer: “Do you prefer a green necktie or a red one?” The fireman who had been wearing the customary black tie for several years said, “I can’t say.” “Shake, old man,” said the clerk, “I’m married too.” On the old fashioned, narrow highways, just wide enough for two cars to pass, many a time a couple of cars would collide. But now they’re building highways much wider, enabling three or four cars to smash at one time. POSSIBLE RIFT To be a member of the volunteer Fire Department, was an honor that was not to be taken too lightly. Such members sported special emblems on their automobiles and other equipment. When one of the select called on his girl, he remarked: “I’m getting a new siren for my car.” “Oh gee, Herbie, does that mean it’s all over…

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