New Hampshire Officers Meet

Issue 4 and Volume 86.

New Hampshire Officers Meet A conference of fire department officials from various cities and towns in New Hampshire was held in the Central Fire Station, Concord, N. H., recently. The meetings were under supervision of Mr. Klinefelter, of the Federal Board of Vocational Training, Washington, D. C., and were arranged by Mr. Dustin, of the New Hampshire Board of Education. The periods were of six hours duration daily and the group was shown the different methods of teaching classes and giving instructions in the proper handling of fires and use of department tools and apparatus. The topics brought up for discussion included fire prevention, building inspection, ventilation, fire control, drill school, evolutions, etc. The closing afternoon of the conference was used to start the formation of a New Hampshire Fire Chiefs’ Club. Chief H. J. Monahan, of Berlin, was elected temporary chairman. He appointed the following as a committee of…

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