You Can’t Depend on Luck

Issue 5 and Volume 86.

You Can’t Depend on Luck WHILE it may seem a bit amusing, there’s some real food for thought in the following news item which appeared recently in a western paper: The Pine Lawn fire department rushed to the scene of a blaze on Glen Avenue. The firemen dismounted and sought vantage points to view the burning of a large garage. The flames increased, but the firemen looked on in stoical silence. Fire Chiof Harry Reiners was asked why he made no attempt to put out the fire. “Well, it’s this way,” he said, “the man who owns that garage declinos to subscribe $1.25 a year for the fire department. Ho says he guesses he can take care of his own fires. We iust came over to see how he gets along.” The garage burned to the ground and tho fire department went back to its station. The Chief probably had…

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