Newly Elected Chiefs

Issue 5 and Volume 86.

Newly Elected Chiefs The following have been elected to head the Fire Departments in their respective municipalities : Blaine, Wash.-B. Hanson: Montgomery, Pa.-Jaines Kemery: Mansfield, Ohio-Charles J. See. berger: Logan, Mo.-M. O. Harrison: Ramona, S. D.-C. L. Renscb: Sheffield, Pa.-Dr. Leland Stanford: Kalama. Wash.-Lyle Ficklin: West Concord. Minn.-Frank Pirkl. Jr.: Koblsvtlle. Wis.-Carl Sell: Canova. Ill.-C. C. Noel: Mt. Union, Ia.-R. Riepe: Northwood. Ia.-Horace G. Hilborn: Milton Junction, Wis.-Lester Fore. man: Oldham. S. D.-.Alfred Nelson: Republic. Ohio-Alvin Caggett: Cutchogue. N. Y.-S. Kaelin: Dysart, Ia.-E. A. Braden: Sun Prairie. Wis.-Edward Zwicky: Nashville. Ga.-Walter Chandler: Marysville. Pa.-C. P. Fesler Fayette City, Pa.-Howard Opfar: Montgomery, N. Y.-William Mc. Neal: Vail Gate. N. Y.-William Mertes: Linwood, N. .T.-Jobn Pedriek: Center Moriches. N. Y.-.Delafield Haven: Nora Springs. Ia.-R. L. Breakey: Toledo. Ore.-Harry Clark: Miligrove. N. Y.-J. W. Sclilienz: Soledad. Cal.-Claude Wendt: Morgan Hill. Cal.-William H. Pillow: Marietta. Okla.-L. T. Burton, Jr.: Avis, Pa.-Paul Seyler: Hamburg, Pa.-Robert…

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