Issue 5 and Volume 86.

THE FIRE SERVICE INSTRUCTOR The Eleventh Installment of a Treatise to Aid Those Responsible for Training Men in the Fire Service to Develop a Systematic Type of Teaching Chapter IV (Continued)&emdash;Helps in Teaching Fire Alarm Systems Study Bulletin—Firemen’s Course (Continued) (Note: Part of this Study Bulletin has been omitted) Fire Alarm Telegraph signalling systems consist of four elements, namely: Fire Alarm Boxes, or Auxiliary Boxes. Fire Alarm Apparatus. Control Station Equipment. Circuits. A chain is no stronger than its weakest link, and in order to obtain proper results each element of a system must, when called upon, act in harmonious cooperation with all the other elements. Fire Alarm Boxes, or Auxiliary Boxes, may be considered the outposts of the signalling system, and comprise that element of the system with which the general public comes most frequently in contact. It is therefore highly essential that the boxes be designed in such…

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