Issue 5 and Volume 86.

FALSE ALARMS PUBLIC BE PLEASED At the annual dinner of the department, a Lieutenant was seated next to a city employee who was in a different bureau. Conversation drifted to the odd things that each was called upon to do in the course of the day’s work. The Lieutenant told of rescuing cats, mailing letters, unlocking doors and capturing escaped canaries. But that’s nothing,” said the other. “Last week some dame calls and asks, ‘Is this the city Bridge Department?’ I asked what 1 can do for her. “She answered, ‘How many points do you get for a little slam?’” The wise little boy who doesn’t believe in Santa Claus grows up into a man who believes in politicians. SUSPENSE A number of the hoys front his own town had gone out on a spree the first night of the state convention. The party separated and he was left alone…

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